Take me high: Vegas Baby

As I try to maneuver my wobbly self to the hotel bathroom to attempt some self care, I see an array of shoes and clothing strewn all along the hallway. At that very moment I realized why I was struggling to walk and why I had a seething hatred for high heels. I turn around to survey the room and do a head count. Everyone is accounted for. I proceed to the bathroom. It is 0600 on the day after a hard night dancing.


I lay under the covers trying to block the light and sounds surrounding me. I hear a sharp voice announcing the arrival of coffee and another saying “What happened last night?.” It took everything in me to finally come to my senses. Or was it the urge to regurgitate whatever I had put in my body the night before? It is 0900 on our second day of our Vegas getaway and I am still very happily clouded.

Our adjoining rooms are now animated with each woman awake and trying to 1497930588552_resizedrelive the night before or tending to the wounded. Several Ibuprofen tablets are being handed from hand to hand and many-a-bottle of water were being passed around. Looking back, we could’ve emptied a pharmacy and dried up Lake Mead with how much water we drank recovering. It is now 1100 and half of the group are in their sexy bikinis and off to the pools.

While the rest of the group were enjoying some Nevada sun and the room 1497931994576_resizedis quiet, it was a perfect time to catch up on some much needed sleep for the rest of us. At this point it was every woman for themselves as we knew what was to come later that night. We have officially waved our white flag to the first night in Vegas. Time check, 1600 and everyone has had the chance to wake up and hit the pools.

By the time everyone was gathered back to the room, it was time to get ready for our grand finale. Make-up laid on every space available, body hugging dresses laid out on beds, and high heels lined the hallway ready and waiting. To help us get ready there was a generous amount of liquid 20170610_222022_resizedbread and our very own DJ dropping the beats. 1900 and it is dinner time.

We walk into the oasis of b’s holding it all in in our tight dresses. Every single woman was looking forward to meeting their very own Joe Six- pack. This is it! Our big night to shower willing men with dollar bills as on MMXXL! And boy, was it good!

All those hours prepping to look amazing (my girls naturally are btw :p), all those dollars thrown and feet pain f1497934153866_resizedrom high heels; worth it! This place was the paradise I always imagined. Women grinning from ear to ear and men deserving of the name Adonis. All working together for the same purpose; business and pleasure. Welcome to Las Vegas!

0200, making our way back from an amazing night. I say this night is ours Vegas! Till next time!!!











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